In this section we want to give place to all those realities – typical taverns, restaurants and pizzerias – that propose initiatives bound to Capodanno in Val di Non.

ImmTodesci SitoCpdnnoNeve2015-ristoranti 245x136RIFUGIO PREDAIA AI TODESCI - Loc. Predaia (TN) - Tel. 0463463148
Absorbed in the splendid scenary of Val di Non, panoramic terrace on the valley, easy to reach by car, ideal point of departure for snowshoeing and excursions on the snow. Near to the slopes of Predaia. Equipped with 16 rooms furnished with alpine style.
All days at lunch and dinner: ribe eye steak ,meat at embers, dishes ever fresh and sweets made at home.
Special New year’s Eve in refuge, exposed on the Dolomiti del Brenta.

FtoRistoranteGiardino SitoCpdnnoNeve2017 ristoranti 245x136OSTERIA TIPICA & PIZZERIA GIARDINO - Cles (TN) - Via Pilati, 16 - Tel. 0463422709
Sew garden, restaurant and pizzeria, OPEN AT LUNCH AND DINNER.
Lovely food for nice people! Pizza gourmet, excellent wine, handmade beers.
New and exclusive atmosphere, flavour and perfume of Trentino.
From Christmas to Epiphany, ALWAYS OPEN.
Big Dinner of new year’s eve of 65 €

ImmRistoranteSport SitoCpdnnoNeve2015-ristoranti 245x136RISTORANTE SPORT - Fraz. Coredo - Predaia (TN) - V. delle Antiche Fontane, 6 - Tel. 0463536108
Typical restaurant and national menu in the centre of Coredo. Renowned family’s management : Pio and his staff will be able to surprise you with the best of typical specialities.
Special reduced menu reserved to our friends of new year’s eve val di Non:

exquisite menu Trentino only 15 €!

ImmSidreriaTrentina SitoCpdnnoNeve2015-ristoranti 245x136RISTORANTE TIPICO & PIZZERIA - Tres (TN) - Via Santa Barbara, 2 - Tel. 0463468125
Typical dishes, menu with apple and pizzas, OPEN EVEN AT LUNCH AND DINNER (pizza only at dinner).
Suggestive place located in the company of production of transformed of apple. In the local there is a barrel from which you can take all the sparkling apple cider that you want, is offered by the home! And if you want more, handmade beer of proper production. Small point of sale where you can buy what you have tasted!

ImmBaita7larici SitoCpdnnoNeve2015-ristoranti 245x136BAITA SETTE LARICI - Sfruz (TN), Loc. Sette Larici - Tel. 0463536360
Typical kitchen of Trentino, in the amazing woods of Predaia.
ALL DAY at lunch and dinner typical kitchen of Trentino, rich menu.
Known kitchen of Val di Non and not only, by Renato “il Baffo”.
Big dinner at 55 €. At lunch and dinner special offer typical menu for the clients of Capodanno Val di Non

ImmRistoranteNardis SitoCpdnnoNeve2015-ristoranti 245x136RISTORANTE PIZZERIA NARDIS - Coredo (TN) - Via Moncher, 4 - Tel. 0463538000
Typical restaurant, national menu and pizzeria, OPEN AT LUNCH AND DINNER.
From Christmas to Epiphany, special lunch with Menù del Montanaro.
Exquisite mega unique dish at only 15 €!
At New year’s Eve, Big Dinner at 70 €.
Shuttle bus from Coredo (Cinema Dolomiti) to Predaia, place of the event of Capodanno Val Non.

ImmRistoranteFlamingo SitoCpdnnoNeve2015-ristoranti 245x136PIZZERIA RISTORANTE FLAMINGO - Cles (TN) - Via Romana, 1 - Tel. 0463421105
In the heart of Cles, centre of Val di Non.
The excellent pizza, unique dishes with local specialities and international menu, the courtesy and sympathy of Andrea and all the staff characterise the local.
Sympathy surprise for the guests of Capodanno Val di Non (showing the ticket of event).